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Keeping the PR Team Happy by Bringing Them into the Measurement Fold

By Katie Eickhoff, Analyst 

So you’ve decided to encourage your team to focus more on measurement. Fantastic! Measurement can be a boon to your public relations team by bringing in hard data that shows just how effectively your strategies and tactics worked. Measurement brings the satisfying returns that show the bright spots in a media outreach and a legitimacy that can often breed happiness and satisfaction by showing the highlights of a successful campaign. And striving for happiness in the workplace is increasingly becoming seen as vital to the performance of a company, so it's vital to find ways to foster that happiness, including encouraging your team to measure its successes. 

by massdistraction via Flickr


So how to encourage your team to start their measuring and possibly foster a path a fulfillment? Instead of just saying “Go measure,” take these two easy steps to begin the process: 

1. Check out Twitter feeds related to measurement. In addition to key search terms like #measurement, #prmeasurement and #social analytics, have them search “#measurepr” and join in the #measurepr chat, every other Tuesday from Noon-1 p.m. EST. With guest speakers each week and participants from across the measurement industry, it’s an excellent way to learn about measurement community and start to follow the industry’s thought leaders.

2.  Get educated about measurement tools.  Examine free and for-pay measurement tools (such as Google Analytics on the free side or Sysomos Heartbeat on the for-pay side) to see if any might be worthwhile for your work. Also, read measurement sites like The Measurement Standard Daily, which is a frequently updated resource for all the latest news in the measurement field.

One other step that you may want to take is to educate members of your team who are visually creative about the power of a well organized, data-rich chart or graph, and about how the first step toward creating such an effective, attention-grabbing infographic is through data collection and measurement. Such an effort will showcase measurement as the valuable tool that it is.

Becoming measurement-conscious can be quite the adjustment, but the switch can often make for a more goal-driven (and even happier) PR team in the long run.