Recently, Media Bullseye posted an article about using Google Analytics to enhance and assist measurement of PR efforts. Based on the engagement with that article, there is significant interest from the PR community regarding the use of Google Analytics in PR.

Below, we have gathered a list of informative articles that expand on this subject. Peruse these posts to gain insight on useful metrics to track, how to create reports, and more.

6 KPIs to Steer Your Google Analytics Program by Sophie Maerowitz for PR News

Google Analytics 101: 5 Metrics for Public Relations by Chel Wolverton for Shift Communications

6 ways to prove PR value with Google Analytics by Stephanie Vermillion for PR Daily

The Good Links: Measure Public Relations Using Google Analytics by Yarden Cohen for Social PR Chat

What Google Analytics Can Tell You About Your PR on PR in your Pajamas

5 Tips for Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Blog’s Usability by Sarah Landrum for PR Breakfast Club

Google Analytics and Public Relations Measurement by Jennifer Spangler for Zion & Zion

Google Analytics for PR Pros: 4 Things You Should Know by Lulu Li for Tech Affect

Google Analytics for Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation by Andrew Smith for Chartered Institute for Public Relations

Google Analytics for PR – What do you need to know? (Part One) by Kim Smith for éclat Marketing

Google Analytics 101: 3 Key Things You Can Learn by Alex Honeysett for the Muse

PR Toolkit: Optimize PR Reporting With A Custom Google Analytics Referral Traffic Report by Christina Goswiller for PR Couture

What PR pros can learn from Google Analytics by Molly Ryan for Vehr Communications

How to Measure PR with Marketing Analytics on Walker Sands Communication

Simple PR Measurement in Google Analytics (+ Dashboards) by Scott Benson for Benson SEO

Stop the Spin: 3 Ways to Measure the ROI of PR by Katie Bouwkamp on Hubspot

9 typical set up mistakes in Google Analytics (GA) by Andrew Smith on LinkedIn Pulse

4 Google Analytics features for refining your PR campaign by Alicia Lawrence for PR Daily

How-to use Google Analytics to track public relations outcomes by Michael Blowers for Stephen Waddington

PR Measurement: Google Analytics 101 (ON-DEMAND WEBINAR) by Sally Falkow APR and Tinu Abayomi-Paul on

5 Key Google Analytics Areas to Inform Your Strategy by Jerry Ascierto for PR News

Why You Need a Little Google Analytics in Your Life by Fabiola Fleuranvil for Solo PR Pro

Using Google Analytics to measure outcomes against your PR objectives by Michael Blowers for Media Evaluation Research

New wave of referrer spam wrecking Google Analytics data by Jonathan Hochman for Marketing Land

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