CARMA is a global provider of media intelligence solutions. With team members on the ground in 41 countries across 5 continents, we deliver what matters.

We provide media monitoring, analysis, and databases services across all types of media, including print, online, social, TV, and radio. Our real-time analytics, presented with powerful visualizations and flexible reporting functions, allow you to demonstrate your media impact with ease.

Our customized solutions combine unrivaled human insight from a global team of researchers and analysts with the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide valuable, relevant, and actionable insights. Our clients include PR and communications professionals in all industries in the private sector, government, and NGOs all over the world.

What We Do

Our fully integrated media intelligence solutions enable you to make informed business decisions through distribution, monitoring, and analysis of local, regional, and/or international media across traditional print, broadcast, online, and social outlets.

Monitor your coverage

With the most sophisticated technologies, unrivalled reach, and experienced teams on the ground, we work 24 hours a day to monitor print, broadcast, online, and social media in over 100 countries in more than 80 languages. Let our understanding of the world’s media, language, and culture serve your business.

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Analyze your results

Our clients are looking to maximize their impact, whether it be in terms of brand exposure, reputation management, driving sales, improving customer experience, or simply targeting the right audience. We offer solutions such as automated real-time analytics delivered through our fully integrated portal and customized in-house analysis, designed to give you actionable insights.

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Influencer Database

No one understands influence like CARMA does. Whether it’s access to a global database of journalists, bloggers, and social influencers, or our team of researchers compiling audience profiles, CARMA helps you connect with the right people.

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From our global network of offices, we monitor and analyze more than 20M social media posts, 56,000 print sources and 26,000 reports every day across 80 languages and dialects in 103 countries.