CARMA and FTI Consulting Team Up for EACD Coaching Day Event

London, UK – An EACD Coaching Day held at the offices of FTI Consulting featured a co-presentation on Forecasting, Analyzing and Responding to Crises by global media analysis leader, CARMA, and FTI Consulting.

In-house communications professionals from a range of backgrounds and industries were in attendance and learned a variety of strategies and tactics to help manage the one event no company wants to face: a crisis.

CARMA CEO Mazen Nahawi encouraged participants to simplify their crisis-measurement approaches and consider how social media has changed who the stakeholders are before, during, and after a crisis.

CARMA’s approach uses new methodologies in measuring stakeholder groups, which helps to focus in on potential warning signs before a crisis begins to unfold.

“We can now listen to the voices of millions of people who were not heard before,” explained Mazen Nahawi, CEO, CARMA. “Conversations happening in public forums and on social media can be correlated with information from traditional media, historical trends and cultural phenomenon, leading to a more nuanced understanding of people and societies. By legally and openly listening to the people affected, we can actually see crises emerging long before they happen.”

CARMA is pioneering integrated modelling for public affairs and has developed new approaches to modern stakeholder analysis with its focus on common and binding factors that cause “social tribes” to coalesce around an idea. By zeroing in on and studying changes in these elements, they can begin to see emerging issues—such as economic or political crises—and use that insight to inform strategic messaging and policy.

“Social tribes are not defined by their location, gender or income group,” explained Nahawi. “They coalescence among an idea, or shared interests in a specific issue. They come across all ethnic groups and surpass traditional understandings of demographics; these groups often have no flag nor a location – they often have no name. But, they come together quickly and forcefully around an issue and make an enormous impact on what they care about.”

To receive a copy of CARMA’s presentation, please contact Jen Phillips.