Find out how CARMA can make a difference

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

CARMA is the world’s most globally diverse media intelligence agency

on the ground in over 40 countries across 5 continents. We capture and analyze media content across all platforms from 103 countries in 80 languages.

CARMA ASIA delivers what matters to clients in the Asia Pacific region:

  • Dig deep into comprehensive and accurate real time results
  • Cutting edge technology & unrivalled human expertise
  • Highly flexible service offering
  • Avoid meaningless data and receive insights that matter
Integrated Media Intelligence

Monitor, analyse and view your data in one place.

CARMA ASIA monitors print, online, social and broadcast media across APAC and integrates everything into the CARMA Insights Portal.

  • Monitor & analyze your media coverage, competitor and industry data in one place
  • Build your own customized dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality
  • Integrate 3rd party data sets such as Google Analytics
  • Manage information flow with customizable email alerts
  • Quickly and easily distribute shareable reports with stakeholders

Dig deep into comprehensive and accurate real time results.

Social Listening: Multilingual monitoring of key platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Instagram, multilingual blogs, wikis and other online networks.

Web Monitoring: More than 5 million carefully defined and targeted websites in virtually every written language. Advanced filtration and crawling ensure you receive the most accurate information in a timely fashion.

Print Monitoring: CARMA ASIA captures content from thousands of newspapers and magazines on a daily basis. Data and images are extracted and made available in our Insights Portal in real time.

Radio & Television Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring of hundreds of stations leveraging speech-to-text conversion and closed captioning. We provide transcripts alongside the video and audio content.

Analysis & Insights

Our team goes beyond the usual charts and metrics.

Only CARMA combines the latest technology to structure big media data with qualitative human analysis. We provide meaningful and actionable insights tailored to your organizational needs.

  • Automated and integrated analytics streamline reporting, so you can tell at a glance which topics of importance are being covered and where.
  • Break down content by media type, sentiment, geographical region and keyword into consolidated reports.
  • Leverage our global team’s understanding of context, local references and other nuances that purely automated systems cannot pick up

Carma Delivers What Matters 


Million+ social media posts filtered and monitored every day


offices internationally


countries worldwide


languages covered


analysis and monitoring reports yearly



Some of our 1,300 global clients include

Mont Blanc

Find out how CARMA can make a difference


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