Monitor your media coverage

We combine cutting edge, multi-lingual technologies with the biggest global network of experienced, on the ground readers, to get you an accurate media understanding 24 hours a day in over 100 countries, in more than 80 languages across social, online, broadcast, and print media.

  • Track mentions on social media, news sites, forums, and other traditional media sources
  • Capture and archive relevant coverage with easy to understand metadata charts
  • Identify influencers and advocates in your industry or community
  • Understand public perception and message resonance
  • Build industry and competitor intelligence


Online Monitoring

With the largest collection of online media sources, CARMA brings you comprehensive media coverage across millions of websites in multiple languages in near real-time.


Print Monitoring

Read the full story about your brand with CARMA’S unique combination of media monitoring technologies and human readers in multiple languages. Mediums covered include local, regional, and international newspapers and magazines as well as pamphlets, newsletters, and other material only available in print in emerging markets.


Social Media Monitoring

Our social media teams use a variety of tools and proprietary technology to capture and filter mentions from social networks like Facebook and Google+, microblogs like Twitter, traditional blogs, online user comments, message boards and discussion forums, and video and photo sharing platforms such as Youtube, Flickr, and Instagram. Choose our automated solution to capture all mentions of you and your brands or let our team of media specialists provide detailed filtration to clean up data and flag actionable items to concentrate your team’s time and effort.


TV & Radio Monitoring

CARMA offers real-time monitoring of 1000’s of TV and radio stations from online to terrestrial and satellite, in developed and emerging markets worldwide. From live SMS and email alert systems targeting live shows to searching archived coverage, our broadcast monitoring provides flexibility for a cost-effective solution.

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