Panel Debate: 16th May 2017, London

What Are The Links Between Policy, Media and Public Perception In Energy Supply, Climate Change and Renewables?

CARMA hosted a panel debate in London on 16th May 2017 to discuss “Renewable and Climate Change: Global Media and Business Perceptions”, with Lawrence Slade, CEO, Energy UK; Emma Pinchbeck, Executive Director, RenewableUK; Stephen Ballard, Managing Director, BCM Public Relations Ltd; Tom Vesey, Consulting CEO, CARMA Europe; Erik Sardain, Chief Insight Officer, CARMA and Adam Vaughn, Energy Correspondent, The Guardian

Energy, climate change and renewables are among the most significant and controversial topics facing society today. This session examined media coverage and perceptions of renewables and climate change. It also explored the business, public policy, and communications implications for those in, and for those impacted by, the energy industry. CARMA, a premier global provider of media intelligence, presented the results of a new study featuring data aggregated from media sources around the world.

The financial, business and social ramifications of these findings were among the topics discussed by a panel of industry experts.

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