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Reputation Analytics

A brand’s reputation directly impacts its success in the marketplace. CARMA generates insights on brand reputation by examining media channels including broadcast, traditional, and social from across the globe. We can help discover what reputational drivers are affecting a brand, and generate reputation and credibility indices that provide a clear picture of a brand’s standing.


Brand Analytics

The best business decisions have solid data at their foundation. CARMA’s brand analytics will help to uncover what your target audiences are thinking about your brand attributes, how the brand is performing in the marketplace, and what brand drivers are distinguishing your product from the competition—information that focuses marketing and drives sales.

Communications Measurement

How a brand communicates with the public directly impacts its ability to resonate with target audiences. CARMA’s global team of researchers analyze communications performance and message resonance and understand how local references, context, and culture can influence results—which automated systems simply cannot do.

Stakeholder Analytics

A program’s success or failure can hinge on how communications with stakeholders are conducted. CARMA’s analytical team engages in a detailed stakeholder discovery process that shows who your most important stakeholders are, which messages will resonate with them, and who key influencers are, from a local, regional, or global perspective.

Leadership Benchmarking

Your leadership team often serves as the face and voice of your organization, so coverage on them reflects your company’s reputation. CARMA’s leadership benchmarking tracks the volume and value of content about an organization’s leaders. Our technology compares this information to data on industry peers to demonstrate the perception of your organization.

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