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Influencer Discovery

Identifying the right influencers can mean amplifying your messaging with target audiences with precision. CARMA will help you find the right influencers for your programs, within your business sectors and geographical needs—leading to outreach programs that provide real results.

Influencer Mapping

High-stakes business and policy decisions require intensive due diligence and solid research. CARMA’s customized influencer mapping ensures that the right influencers are identified to target messages that will resonate best with important stakeholders.


Opinion Elite Interviewing and Analysis

CARMA specializes in gathering insights from time-pressed and hard-to-reach elite populations. We have interviewed former U.S. Cabinet secretaries, Nobel Prize winners, C-suite executives with multinational corporations, household names in the media and public service, and other opinion leaders. In short, we can speak with the people whose thoughts you need to hear in order to improve your relationships with key stakeholders, enhance your reputation, and bolster your competitive position.

Public Affairs Campaigns

CARMA conducts qualitative and quantitative research to explore public policy issue awareness, test messaging, and evaluate information delivery vehicles to help our clients formulate and refine compelling government relations initiatives. We go directly to the source, interviewing government officials and other public affairs influencers to understand their perceptions and preferences.


Corporate Reputation Programs

By obtaining the perspectives of key stakeholder populations, ranging from actual and potential customers to NGO officials and think tank executives, from industry analysts to policymakers and shapers, from employees to journalists, CARMA delivers data-driven counsel that helps organizations elevate their public profile, improve their favorability, and highlight their points of distinction within competitive marketplaces.

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

We conduct research to ascertain how organizations can move key stakeholders through the perception funnel: increasing awareness, bolstering their reputation, and promoting favorable behaviors among key stakeholder groups. This includes exploring not only communications but also operational/programmatic concepts including actual/prospective CSR efforts, product launches, implementation plans and other real-world actions that might impact how stakeholders perceive our clients.


Thought Leadership Initiatives

By crafting thoughtful research instruments in a collaborative spirit with our clients and by providing actionable intelligence, CARMA helps organizations who wish to demonstrate thought leadership in their sector. By conducting in-depth interviews with leaders, our experienced executive moderators assess the competitive thought leadership landscape, determine promising platforms, and uncover credible messages and proof points to help our clients establish a compelling presence in an Ideas Economy.

Crisis Communications Efforts

We can gather data, quickly, to help organizations confront external and/or internal challenges to their brand. CARMA can determine the success of messaging and business strategies in the midst of crises and offer guidance on potential strategic and tactical adjustment to improve the outcome.


Perception Audits

We will work with a client to identify their key stakeholders and will then combine media data with polling and customer research to fully evaluate the company’s corporate reputation. This will help identify misperceptions and gaps in the company’s communications strategy. By benchmarking to measure and evaluate performance over time, Perception Audits can drive improved messaging, refined strategies, focused campaigns and stronger internal and external communications overall.

Message Testing/Resonance

CARMA conducts focus groups and/or in-depth interviews to test the validity and credibility of key messages. These test the effect of messaging on target audiences, to see whether they understand them and consider them persuasive and to determine optimal wording ahead of mass distribution.


Staff Satisfaction

CARMA conducts research to understand staff satisfaction through organizations regardless of size, structure and geographies. Online surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews are used to understand current satisfaction levels, compare locations/divisions, create benchmarks and establish measurement performance reviews for launches, campaigns, mergers and buyouts while providing competitive intelligence indicators for employee retention, satisfaction and productivity.

Online Access Panels

Whether you are looking for some cost effective online research or planning to set up your own online consumer access panels, CARMA can easily organize that. We have done online studies for our clients in various sectors and validated the online methodology that suits our clients. In any market, we can conduct online research.

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