With PR and communication campaigns occurring across digital, social, and traditional channels, it can be difficult to find the best practices to measure all of these activities. It is important, however, to find effective ways to ensure the accuracy of data and produce insights that benefit your organization.

An upcoming event, co-sponsored by CARMA and Teneo cabinet DN and in association with the European Association of Communication Directors and AMEC’s Measurement Month, will address these measurement difficulties.

Mazen Nahawi, Founder and CEO of CARMA, will be presenting the best methods to simplify measurement of PR and public affairs work in the social media age. This presentation will be preceded by opening remarks from Jacob Lund Nielsen, CEO of Teneo cabinet DN.

Taking place at 12:00PM on 14 September 2017 at 25 rue D’Arlon, 1050 Brussels, the workshop will also feature a section on how to measure social tribes, the communities of people becoming important stakeholders for PR and communications professionals.

Register now or contact us at carma@cabinetdn.com for additional details.